Slow Cooker Season

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 2 Comments »
It's slow cooker season again.

Head on over to this awesome slow cooker web site for some ideas and inspiration. Just click on the recipe links for everything from warming beverages to main courses to desserts.

Stephanie's recipies are very good and very easy; I've tried a bunch of them and can attest to their yumminess. Her daughter has a gluten allergy, so all of her recipies use gluten free ingredients, but you can easily swap out for non-GF. I can't wait to order her book!

Who needs to spend all that time in the kitchen when you could be quilting, or even watching those Phabulous Phillies!

Piece and love, Pat


Jackie said...

My crockpot must hate me! Everything I put in it comes out tasting like shoe leather. Now I'm dyeing yarn in it!

PattiCakes said...

Jackie -- go look at the web site & read the informational stuff in the right-hand column. There are a lot of FAQs and tips about crock pot cooking. I wasn't always very successful at it either, but some of that info really made a difference. I've also found that the flavors seem to "marry" better if I saute some of the veggies, especially onions, first. It might be hard to get that dye taste out of the post roast, though (grin).