Baby Shower

Monday, October 26, 2009 1 Comment »
The baby shower was lovely. Many wonderful gifts and much womanly bonding. Most of the attendees have known Kate since she was an infant, so the joy of seeing a new generation begin was palpable. Kate, the guest of honor, looked slim and lovely, with the only evidence of pregnancy being the "basketball" grafted onto her abdomen. Now why couldn't the rest of us have carried like that!

The shower was hosted by Kate's mom (and my dear friend) Jan, and Kate's sister-in-law, Jen. Together, they did a superb job.

My God Daughter is an Art teacher & and artist; her husband Sean is in graphic design. Recently Sean has developed mad photographic skills, as you can see by these beautiful portraits of Kate.
Between the two of them, they came up with a very cool idea for a shower activity.

They took a large canvas, and gridded it out with pencil lines -- semi random squares & rectangles (very quilt-like). Acrylic paints (in colors to coordinate with the baby's room) were provided, along with paint brushes. and print- outs of suggested designs. They also brought the diaper stacker from the nursery decor set to provide a little inspiration.

The idea was for each guest to paint a square, with the finished work to be hung in the baby's room. There were a few artsy types in attendance who did a really really nice job on their squares, but most of us picked a simple design like a sun, a flower or a tree & tried to do our best. Somehow it all worked. The over-all effect was very cute; Miss. Grace Isabel certainly has a spiffy, original work of art for her nursery. I am sure Mr. photographer took some snaps of the finished painting, so I will post when I get them.

Yes, "Amazing Grace" was a hit, and here's hoping it gets loved/used until it shreds!

Piece and love, Pat


kimberly said...

The photos are absolutely stunning! The new baby certainly will have creativity genes! And I think your Amazing Grace quilt is simply beautiful. Nice job, Pat!