A stunning give away from Trends and Traditions

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August 23, 2009
Heather Mulder Peterson has some scrumptious patterns and even yummier quilts. Have you ever seen those nifty Little Charmer patterns in your local quilt shop? They are hers!!

Go visit her web site,
Trends and Traditions, to enter for a chance to win this lovely quilt. While you're there, take a look at that precious cupcake princess with a cupcake that matches her table cover!

The storms last Friday fried the ethernet adapter in my PC, so I perfomed a daring act of surgery this morning to replace it. Who says that we quilters are just one-trick ponies? I figured that if I could unsew a whole quilt block & put it back together, I could pop the hood on my PC and swap out a board.
No guts, no glory, as they say!

It's oppressively muggy and hot here in PA today. Time to crank up the air in my sewing room, get a big ol' glass of iced tea, catch up on the new season of Mad Men, and stitch me up a purse. I'm using the fat quarters I sneaked (snuck?) into the house yesterday. Please don't tell!

Lancaster or Bust!

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August 21, 2009
Ms. Penguin broke the news on her blog: the Lancaster quilt show will be back! The American Quilter's Society has picked up sponsorship, so the show is joining the ranks of other AQS productions like Paducah, Knoxville, and Des Moinse. That's great news, especially for those of us on the East Coast. March 24-27, 2010. Save those dates!
By the way, is anyone going to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XVI, September 17-20, at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Oakes, PA? I'm taking some classes, but I'd love to meet up with some fellow bloggaholics while I'm there. Add a comment to let me know your plans.

Piece and love, Pat


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Aug. 20, 2009
Nancy, near Philadelphia, posted about her book club today. One thing led to another, and that got a conversation started about DVDs. I said that I have a very small TV set up next to my sewing machine, attached to a cheap-o DVD player. I love nothing better than putting on a good DVD & just sewing away.

I'm currently fixated on old Masterpiece Theater series or series done by the BBC.

In the winter, there's usually a big mug of hot herbal tea handy; in the summer it's iced. Sometimes Maggie the Wonder Dog will stop by, or Junior the tabby cat, or even DH, checking to make sure I haven't stitched myself off into oblivion.
Nancy says she doesn't like to put anything on while she sews. I'm assuming she means on TV, and not that she sews stark naked -- that could be hazardous on sooo many levels. Just kidding, Nancy!
Anyway, what ambiance do YOU like when you go off to your own, personal Planet Quilt?

Piece and love, Pat

Yikes! Where has the summer gone??

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Wow, the summer has really gotten away from me! I've been plugging away at Annabelle's flying geese quilt, but it's been s-l-o-w going. Just haven't felt like locking myself in the sewing room. I've finished five 4-block rows, however I think I need one more. Don't you hate when that happens? You think you're almost done, but you're not. It's the Quilter's Curse.

I need to apologize for not being a very good blogger. I've been playing around with the template to make it a little easier/cleaner to post. Haven't found anything that rings my chimes yet. Any suggestions? And of course indecision leads to procrastination, so I guess it's yet another UFO.......

I've also discovered that someone mentioned my blog in my college alumnae quarterly. If any Wilson College grads are checking in, glad to have you aboard! Please leave a comment or send me an email. I'd love to hear from you.

The list of favorite blogs over there on the right is growing. Go check some of them out! I particularly like the ones from Australia; such bright & happy fabrics! Check out those foodie blogs as well. If you are into food porn (obscenely enticing pictures of food) and general folksiness, visit Fat Johnny's Front Porch. He's a retired chef whose Cajun/BBQ-centric blog makes me drool. Oh, and that slow cooker blog is wonderful as well! Get up early on Saturday or Sunday, put stuff in your slow cooker, turn it on & retire to your sewing room for the day. 8-10 hours later, you'll have a lot of quilting done, and a fabulous meal waiting for you when you finally poke your head out the door!

Stay tuned for one of my next postings about the taping I attended for a new internet show called
Quilt Out Loud! I just don't want to post any pictures until I get their blessing -- I'm kind of old-fashioned that way. The taping was held at my favorite Babylock/Bernina/Brother dealer, Byrne Sewing Connection, in Doylestown, PA. The hosts, Jodie Davis and Mark Lipinski, are just the bee's knees, and so is their new show! You will need to join QNNTV (pay an annual fee to watch videos), but it is well worth it.

Love and Pieces, Pat