Thursday, August 18, 2011 3 Comments »
The weather here in Eastern PA has been very strange all week -- heavy rain, no rain, big booming thunder, sunshine, humidity you could cut with a knife, and cool, pleasant breezes. 

We've got a real boomer going on outside right now, great flashes of lightening, and loud, growling thunder.  Maggie the Wonder Dog (heart of gold, brain of dust) is terrified of thunder.  I swear she can hear it when it's thundering in Maine.  Before she got arthritic, she used to jump into the bed with us and try to get under the covers.  Right now she is squeezed under the computer desk, wedged between my legs and attempting to burrow into my skin.  I gave up trying to sew because she sat on my feet (and the foot pedal) and stuck so close to my legs that she kept tripping me when I got up to iron.  Poor Maggie Mae.