Zip it!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 7 Comments »
My name is Pat, and I am zipper phobic.  Ask me to make a block with a hundred 1" HSTs, or sew cowhide together, or maybe quilt a car, but don't ask me to install a zipper. 

My sewing horizons have been narrowed by this gap in my skill set.  I love those cute little zippy pouch patterns that look like swell, last-minute gifts, and I long to make a purse with something other than a button-an-loop closure.    Now I can! 

Thanks to Nicole, at Sister's Choice Quilts, we have a fabulous, fool-proof, zipper-installation-for-dummies tutorial.  Nicole wrote a post about a very cute, very simple cosmetic case pattern that she was using to crank out gifts by the dozen.  Loved it!  Then I lamented that I would love to try it, but alas, I had major problems with zippers. 

Nicole came to the rescue and created this ASTOUNDING TUTORIAL.  Go read it, print it out and bookmark it.  It will unzip all kinds of possibilities.