In the Time Out Chair

Sunday, December 09, 2012 9 Comments »
Yep, I'm sitting on the time out chair because I have neglected the blog.  Not enough hours in the day, sorry to say. 
There are several projects that have lingered on and on.  This is the one that has weighed heaviest on me:

It is a wedding present for my nephew, Jesse Michael and his bride Rebecca,  They were married in May.  I have been wanting to do a kaleidoscope quilt for the longest time.  I was gung-ho at first, but then it got old really really fast.  All of those bias edges were quite a challenge, and each block require a lot of muscle & spray starch to force the centers of the scopes into submission when they insisted on "nippling up".  The hand sewing on the binding should be finished today or tomorrow, and then it will be shipped to Park City, Utah, where Jesse Michael is the new Executive Chef at Hyatt's Escala Lodge.  The quilt is quite large - 101" square - but the newly weds have a king bed; Jesse is 6"8 and Becca is 6'.  One whimsical note is the paw-print fabric I found from the Pokey Puppy line to play into their love for their Lab mix Piper.  With the weather out there, they are going to need something warm!
The next quilt is a jelly roll 1600, made from 2.5" strips of Kaffe Fassett fabric.  I just love it and want to make more.  It's not bound yet, but that should get done this week.  It's for my SIL's brother Chris and his new fiancĂ© Colleen.  They sold a house, bought a new house and got engaged, all within a week at the end of the summer.   Their new house is huge and unique.  Built by an architect, it reminds me of something by Frank Lloyd Wright:  big, open spaces, floating staircase (think Brady Bunch), lots of stone and wood.  Not for everyone, but it is so them!  The problem is that right now everything is beige, brown and so very neutral.  I'm hoping this will perk it up on the back of the sofa:

Last but not least is a table runner I made for my new boss and his wife.  They just moved into a home that is built around a one-room house that dates back to the very early 1800's, and possibly late 1700's.  I found the pattern, Pie Birds, in a book by Kim Deihl, called Simple Charm.  There a number of other wonderful patterns in the book, but this one was on the cover and just spoke to me.  I now have enough 1.5" strips to make several more, and you can betcha one will be for me.  The runner is 15" x 43".  It's mostly CW scraps, but there are a few surprised in there as well.  It would make a great leader-ender project.