Sunday, August 26, 2012 4 Comments »
Some time last year, I saw a kaleidoscope quilt on Subeesews blog.  I had to make one!  I decided it would be the wedding quilt for my nephew Jesse Michael and his bride, Rebecca.  I startd it, then became distracted by other projects.  As happens with a lot of great ideas, the thrill wore off after about 3 rows of blocks, and what had been an adventure became a millstone around my neck.
Well maybe not a millstone, but a nag at my conscience every time my ADQD pulled me in other directions.  Their wedding was in May.  It's almost September, so I figured I'd better get cranking to get it done before the next family wedding and the arrival of the next grandchild. 
The last two weekends have been devoted to just that.  I had some extra incentive because Jesse Michael, who is a chef, will be moving from Atanta to Utah in a few weeks to become the new Executive Chef at Hyatt's Escala Lodge in Park City.  It gets a lot colder there in the winter than it does Atlanta; he and Rebecca will really need that quilt to keep them warm!

It measures 100" x 100".  Yep it's big, but Jesse Michael is 6'8", and Rebecca is 5'11" -- they need a big quilt!    I am ordering the backing today.  I'm going with a wide back instead of piecing one because I just don't feel like wrestling with all of that fabric.  As soon as it arrives, it will go off to my local long-armer, who will bring it to life!