A Wedding Kaleidoscope

Wednesday, June 06, 2012 5 Comments »
Many months ago, I saw an interesting quilt on SuBeeSews blog.  It was a kaleidoscope quilt, made with a 45 degree ruler.  Here are SuBee's posts about her kaleidoscope tops.  I wrote to Sue, asking about the method used to make the quilts, and she was kind enough to send me details instructions, and information on where to get the ruler.  If you are interested, I found a really good tutorial here.   

I thought I would try the technique for the first of many wedding quilts I need to make over the next year.  This quilt is for my nephew, Jesse Michael, and his beautiful bride Rebecca.  They are currently living in Atlanta, where Jesse is a chef at the Grande Hyatt in Buckhead.   They were married here in Pennsylvania on May 5th.   The wedding was absolutely perfect, with the predicted rain holding off.   It could not have been a more perfect day!  Of course the quilt was not done it time.

When I asked Rebecca what colors she liked, she told me that browns and pinks were her favorites.  I hope that the quilt is not too pink for Jesse.  If you look closely, you can see a fabric from the Pokey Little Puppy line -- the newlyweds have a black lab mix named Piper, that pretty much rules their lives, so I thought the paw prints would be fun.  The top is half-way done.

Any suggestions for borders?  I'm struggling on that one.  I could use the dark brown Kaffe.  I've also got a nice dark brown with pink dots and a darkish brown mottle.  Should I pull a narrow border of a light?  Decisions, decisions!Here is what I have so far. 


OT Quilter said...

I'm impressed! Your quilt looks beautiful. I would be afraid that my blocks would all bunch in the middle like bra cups.

Robin said...

Really nice quilt. Audition borders by placing folded fabric next to quilt (don't cut the strips just lay fabric under the quilt top and expose different widths so see which you like best. My vote is for your dark fabric as a border.

Denise in PA said...

It's looking great, Pat! I think I would go with just the brown border also. I'm going to check out that tutorial!

howdidIgethere said...

Any chance you could "pull out" a combination of the aqua with a dark brown? I just think that there's already plenty of pink, especially if you have any concerns on that front.

Alyssa said...

Neatly done, i like the color combos so much - very artistic and charming. Turns out to be a gorgeous quilt. :)

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