A stunning give away from Trends and Traditions

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August 23, 2009
Heather Mulder Peterson has some scrumptious patterns and even yummier quilts. Have you ever seen those nifty Little Charmer patterns in your local quilt shop? They are hers!!

Go visit her web site,
Trends and Traditions, to enter for a chance to win this lovely quilt. While you're there, take a look at that precious cupcake princess with a cupcake that matches her table cover!

The storms last Friday fried the ethernet adapter in my PC, so I perfomed a daring act of surgery this morning to replace it. Who says that we quilters are just one-trick ponies? I figured that if I could unsew a whole quilt block & put it back together, I could pop the hood on my PC and swap out a board.
No guts, no glory, as they say!

It's oppressively muggy and hot here in PA today. Time to crank up the air in my sewing room, get a big ol' glass of iced tea, catch up on the new season of Mad Men, and stitch me up a purse. I'm using the fat quarters I sneaked (snuck?) into the house yesterday. Please don't tell!


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