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Aug. 20, 2009
Nancy, near Philadelphia, posted about her book club today. One thing led to another, and that got a conversation started about DVDs. I said that I have a very small TV set up next to my sewing machine, attached to a cheap-o DVD player. I love nothing better than putting on a good DVD & just sewing away.

I'm currently fixated on old Masterpiece Theater series or series done by the BBC.

In the winter, there's usually a big mug of hot herbal tea handy; in the summer it's iced. Sometimes Maggie the Wonder Dog will stop by, or Junior the tabby cat, or even DH, checking to make sure I haven't stitched myself off into oblivion.
Nancy says she doesn't like to put anything on while she sews. I'm assuming she means on TV, and not that she sews stark naked -- that could be hazardous on sooo many levels. Just kidding, Nancy!
Anyway, what ambiance do YOU like when you go off to your own, personal Planet Quilt?

Piece and love, Pat


Nancy said...

Naked seamstress here -- watch how you talk about me!