Rainy Weekend

Monday, October 19, 2009 3 Comments »

Miserable, cold weekend -- just perfect for hunkering down and working on a quilt! I kicked the cat off my sewing throne, made innumerable cups of herbal tea, started working my way through the 8 DVD collection of The Dutchess of Duke Street, and sewed to my heart's content.

This quilt is for Miss Grace Isabel Flanagan, expected to make her formal appearance sometime in December, but being showered in advance next weekend. Her mother is my God Daughter, Kate Duerr Flanagan; her Grandmother is my very dear friend Janice Duerr, and her Great Grandmother is Isabel Ruddick. Kate and her hubby Sean have been trying and trying to create a mini Flanagan for a while now. Fertility treatments, in vitreo, all with no success. Well, sometimes things happen in God's own time, and such it was with Grace. When Kate and Sean least expected it, shazzam! God planted a seed, and Miss Grace Isabel began her journey.

This is my first attempt at creating my own pattern, and winging it. It was a leap of faith. Yep, I made a couple mistakes (right in the center of the picture), but I don't think anyone will mind. This quilt is a meant to be a work of love, not a work of art. Tonight I'll finish the machine quilting, then start the binding while I watch the Phillies beat LA (can I still sew with my fingers crossed?). Once the quilt is finished, I plan to wash it so that it gets that nice old-fashioned, soft crumply look.

I like to name my quilts, but it took a while to think of a name for this one that reflected all of the joy and love that this baby brings. Finally it came to me. It's called "Amazing Grace".

Piece and love,


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

That's a beautiful quilt, Pat. And the name is perfect.

An Admirer of Lord Hazelmere

peggy said...

That quilt is absolutely gorgeous. You did a great job...
But, face it, those darn Phillies don't have a chance..its' gonna be the Yankees all the way!

PattiCakes said...

Thanks Peggy, but I gotta tell you that following the Yankees is like making a quilt with polyester double knit -- sane people just don't do it. JUST KIDDING! I'm a die-hard Phillies fan, and must maintain a level of distain for the Yankees, but I'm OK with quilty friends who are Yankee fans. At least you don't root for the Mets.