A Lesson in Making Do

Thursday, January 21, 2010 0 Comments »

Quite a while ago, I discovered a series of videos on YouTube featuring Clara, a lovely 93 year old woman who demonstrates Great Depression "make do" cooking . The videos started as a student film project, one of students being a young relative. Now, in addition to the YouTube episodes, there's a web site/blog, DVD, and even a book. Seeing an article in the Food section of the Philadelphia Inquirer today jogged my memory.

If you have some time & really want a treat, go check out
Great Depression Cooking with Clara on YouTube. Or you can go to Clara's website directly. They are so much more than just lessons in cooking; they are lessons in life. And boy do they resonate in today's times.

Watch an episode, then bookmark the site so you can return when you have another few minutes to spare. Clara's a gem: practical, down-to-earth, and cute as a button. Who knew that a 90-ish whip of a woman could become an internet sensation!

And the recipies are GOOD!! Nothing fancy, but very flavorful and nourishing. So far I've made Pasta with Peas and the Poor Man's Meal. You have to watch how she cuts her potatoes and onions!!

I have a dear friend, Jan, whose mom is a lively 86. I sent her the links because I think her mom might also get a kick out of Clara. And what a great way to draw out a conversation from someone who lived through that era. For those of you out there who are teachers, wouldn't this be a novel way to give your students a personal peek into those times?

I'd love to hear from anyone who watches some of the episodes or tries a recipe!