TGIFN (Thank Goodness It's Friday Night)

Friday, January 08, 2010 4 Comments »

What a great idea! A once a month, Friday night sew-a-thon. And the first one is at the beginning of an extra long weekend --- what could be more fun! Break out those flannel jammies, make yourself some quilty snacks, hunker down with a project and get your quiltness on.

Go to the link here, or click on the button on my sidebar.


KimQuiltz said...

Great idea! I've linked in to the Friday night sew-in (and your blog) in my latest post. Thanks Pat!

Kimberly said...

Me, too! I will be stitching away and thinking about all you other lovely gals -- wishing we could somehow all be together in person instead of in spirit. What will YOU be working on? Any flying geese? ;-)

Pat said...

I've been thinking about what I want to do. I want it to be something I can complete in that one evening. I think I'm going to sew together all of the blocks I made for the Flying Geese Crossing I started in Kimberley's class at Lancaster last year. It's destined to be a full-sized quilt for my grand daughter's bed, and has been waiting very patiently for its turn to morph from a pile of separate blocks to a real quilt top.

I'm also lining up a couple of old movies to plop in the DVD player.

Check my profile for contact info on FB or AIM.

Heidi said...

We are so happy that you will be joining us for the Sew-in next Friday the 15th.

Your post above about the haircut made me chuckle. My niece and nephew just gave each other a haircut right before Christmas.