Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Friday, January 08, 2010 3 Comments »
Take about career changes!

The little girl who covets "princess hair" and loves ballet is seized by a sudden urge to become a beautician.

Daughter-in-law Jamie discovered not-quite-four-year-old Miss Annabelle hiding under the diningroom table yesterday afternoon, the Crayola craft scissors on the floor, and the left side of Belle's princess 'do in a heap. As Jamie says, Belle now has something between a punk rock style and a one-sided mullet.

Well, on the bright side, it wasn't right before school pictures or a wedding. And hair does have a way of growing back.....

Off to the hair dressers on Saturday, me thinks.


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

LOL! I suppose every household goes through this once...

Kimberly said...

Look at the bright her pretty earrings can really be seen!

PattiCakes said...

Good comment about the earrings!

I called my DIL last night to see how Belle was faring -- she has always been a very girly girl & very focused on her hair. She was fine. No hair cut remorse. Wouldn't it be grand if we could all roll with our mistakes & screw-ups as easily as that?

DIL Jamie promises to send pix after the visit to the hair dresser today.