Un-Civil War

Monday, March 07, 2011 2 Comments »
Last February, I posted that I was embarking on a journey into the unknown:  a BOM.  It was the Civil War Tribute quilt.  I thought it was somewhat ambitious for my skill level, but jumped in anyway.  Later that month, I posted about the Fort Sumpter Block I'd completed.  I felt purdy darned proud of myself.  Piece o' cake!

I kept up with the monthly blocks for a while, but somewhere along about July my interest waned.  As Forrest Gump says:  "stuff happens".  I continued to pick up the monthly blocks, and even went to a few meetings, but all those monthly packages just got put on the back burner.

Now it's a new year.  It dawned on me that I had quite a bit on money invested in those monthly packages.  Besides, there was another, new and improved Civil War BOM out there that I wanted to do, and I could not -- COULD NOT -- justify starting that one until I'd at least made a honest attempt to finish this one.  So here I am, picking things up at Month 7, the block commemorating the Siege of Vicksburg*. 

"Siege" is a fairly approppriate term for this block.  It's a 12"" (finshed) block, with 46 not-quite 1 1/4" HSTs.  Oh, and there are 8 of these blocks needed for the quilt.  That's 368 little HSTs.  Holy Mississippi! 
It's a very nifty block, actually called Barrister's Block.  And the niftiness keeps me going.  My goal is to get all 8 finished before I go on my quilting retreat this weekend, when I'll be moving on to months 8 & 9, the Battle of Gettyburg and the Chickamauga Campaign.  Hopefully Month 10 will not be The Surrender of Pat.

* How is this for a coincidence:  my friend Nancy just finished her latest creation, using CW fabrics.  She named it Vicksburg, and it is quite lovely.


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I "heart" that block.

OT Quilter said...

Beautiful! And I love the quilt you were photographed with at your retreat. It sounds like you all had a great time. Our guild retreat is next weekend and is a conflict with the Lancaster show, so I will not be retreating this year. Maybe next.