Fort Sumpter Block

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 1 Comment »
I've made my first 2 blocks for the Marcus Civil War Tribute BOM quilt. We will be making one or two sets of blocks each month over the course of the next year, with each block commemorating a different battle in the Civil War. In this case, the "set" consisted of an 18" block and a 12" block, based the Spinning Hourglass pattern and made in rememberance of the Battle of Fort Sumpter.

I'm still not nutso crazy about the fabrics, but my hubby really likes them. The finished quilt should be just wonderful -- right up his antique alley. The project has also kindled my interest in this period of history, prompting me to buy a book from Amazon to bolster the brief history lessons that accompany each block. On the recommendation of another quilter in the class, I also read The Lost Quilter, by Jennifer Chiaverini. I had never read any of her Elm Creek Quilt series, but I will certainly be reading more. This particular novel added a different dimension to my Civil War studies -- it was a fast and very enjoyable read!

Because there are more block sets than months, March will bring double sets. I'd better go read my book so I can figure out which battles those blocks represent -- don't want to be the class dunce!


Kimberly said...

Well, those fabrics may not be your favorites, but the blocks are really pretty. And I LOVE that you are doing this Civil War BOM. How cool! If I lived closer to you, I'd join you!