A plug for a very cool fabric source

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I really do like looking at and purchasing fabric on line. I miss the tactile experience of fondling the stuff, and sometimes it's tough to match fabrics easily, however the fabric availablilty is so wonderous it's hard to resist. In addition, There are fewer and fewer brick and mortar stores in my area -- and I almost know their inventory by heart.

I'm working on flannel baby quilts at the moment. Not just any flannel will do, so I went off on an internet search for unique fabric with a personality. The hunt was especially intense for fabric for a blanket for my newest grandbaby, Madeline Rose, due to make her entrance into this world at the beginning of April (she will be joining big sister & brother Annabelle Christine and Ian McKenzie).

Momma Jamie had already picked a focus fabric for her "real" quilt -- a now hard-to-find bird print from Andover's Frippery line by Kathy Wells.

I was lucky enough to find some super flannel for her snuggly quilt at a wonderful Etsy shop called Lucky Kaeru Fabric & Supplies. Beautiful fabrics at a very fair price & shipping rate. After 3 or 4 emails back & forth with Tiffany, we were able to put together a nice combo that will compliment the Frippery birds.

Here are the flannels that I chose:

One side will be the birds, with the animals on the flip. I'm still not sure if I will use the green or the pink for the binding, but I'm leaning towards the green. These flannels are from a Free Spirit line by Valori Wells called Urban Flannel. I love Valori's flannels, by the way. Here is the link to Free Spirit's website. Valori's fabric lines are down at the bottom of the page.

So the next time you are snowed in, take a virtual shop hop on Etsy. Fabric is listed under the catagory "supplies". Oh, and you can start with Lucky Kaeru, or any of the shops I pulled up on this page. Plan to spend a lot of time on line!

Pat (a.k.a. Patticakes)