On the Fringe

Sunday, May 16, 2010 1 Comment »
I never need a calendar to let me know when Mothers' Day is approaching.  More common in the southern states, our Fringe Tree (also known as "Old Man's Beard") has flowers that look like fringe, and when in bloom, gives off a heavenly scent.  No matter what the winter and spring have been like, our tree always seems to be at its peak bloomation (grin) during the weekend of Mother's Day.

I love this tree.  Our high school's prom was always held on the Saturday before Mothers' Day, so it's been the backdrop for innumerable prom pictures.  Even when not in bloom, it makes a wonderful background for late Spring and Summer photo ops.  It's low enough to the ground to provide easy climbing for cats and kids -- matter of fact, my daughter used to sit in a low crook of the branches to read.  Part of its beauty is all of the memories it holds.

The weather here in eastern PA has been so erratic and so cold at times this spring,  I really thought that this might be the year the fringe would be delayed.  I should not have worried.  Just like clockwork, that tree bloomed on Mothers' Day.    My beautiful daughter Kate and her handsome husband Paul arrived to take me (and DH) to an early buffet dinner at a fine old inn in our area.  Of course I took the opportunity to use that venerable Fringe Tree as a backdrop for yet another memory. 

Kate's on the down-hill side of her 5th year of teaching 5th grade.  She's smart, creative, funny, and has one of the biggest, kindest hearts ever.  Paul is a nurse, and just started on a very challenging new assignment on the most critical CT Surg ICU unit at U of P Hospital.  Like Kate, he's smart, creative, extremely funny, and has a kind heart as well.  They are perfect for each other and they make my heart sing.

On another note, the little patriotic table-topper is finished.  It's one of the few things I've actually made for myself, and I just love it.  Those little star blocks were buggers, though -- only 3".  It's on the coffee table in my family room where I can enjoy it every day.  Don't pay attention to the date on the picture -- I never set the date function on my camera to the correct date.  Oh well.

I'm working on the Modern Tradition small quilt swap I posted about a while ago.  What I'm doing is still a secret, but I will tell you that it involves a Carol Doak DVD on paper piecing I found hidden in my sewing room, and some Kaffe Fassett fabrics inspired by Wanda.  Quite a change from the Civil War repros!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your kids are gorgeous and that itty-bitty table topper is simply stunning, enjoy something special for YOU.

Both our daughter and our DIL are teachers, I understand how smart, creative and funny can come in handy... add tireless too.

Love that Fringe tree!

Have a great week!