Desparately Seeking........

Friday, May 21, 2010 5 Comments »
I need some help finding the name of a fabric.  It's plain white, has a very close weave, and is soft.  The best comparison I can make is to a really nice cotton percale sheet. 

I bought a large piece some time ago to use as the background on a baby quilt.  I liked it because it had a soft "hand", wasn't muslin-ish or even vaguely see-though, and (as I found out) laundered quite nicely to give the quilt a soft, huggy, antique quality. 

Well, as you can probably tell, I am out of it & desparately want to procure more.  Other than the description I've already given, all I can tell you is what it's not -- it's not Kona and it's not Moda Bella.  And, of course, I can't remember where I got it (she said, banging her head on the sewing table).

Any ideas?

PS.  Why in the name of heaven don't the selvedges of these "plain" fabrics have some sort of identifier?  It would make things so much easier -- and avoid head injuries.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Rats... both of your "nots" wre my two guesses. Sorry!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

No clue here, but a thought -- have you time to trek out to Sauder's tomorrow with a piece of it? Might be able to match it up there.

Wordy: jamahac -- one who sleeps in other than traditional nightwear

floribunda... aka Julie said...

Kaufman also makes a cotton solid series called "prima" which has more of a percale look and feel.

Pat said...

I think florabunda a.k.a. Julie may be on to something. "Prima" rings a bell. I will pursue this lead with the utmost verve and get back to everyone. Geez, I feel like Jessica Fletcher.

Pat said...

EUREKA!! The mystery fabric has been identified, hunted down and procured locally -- well, semi-locally -- in suffucient quantity to get through the current crisis. It's called Southern Belle, by Springs Industries. Classed as a "muslin", it's really a higher thread count (200) than I usually associate with muslin. Because of the higher thread count, it might not be the most suitable for hand-quilting, but it's a dream to machine quilt. It comes in a true white, an off white & an ivory. I will go off in search of a source to use long-term. This is my go-to, plain ol' background, so it might be wise to find the best online deal and stock up.

Thanks, everyone, for your help!!