Snow and Soup

Saturday, January 21, 2012 3 Comments »

We had our first real snow here in the northwestern suburbs of Philadelphia.  It wasn't much of a snow, but it still made all of the snow reflexes kick in:  fill the car's gas tank and park it in the driveway facing out towards the street; get enough food and supplies for an army; bring in firewood to keep it dry; make soup.  And after some shoveling, hubby was sure ready for that soup.

I have a couple of go-to soup recipes that are ideal for days like today.  Both are based recipes that the lovely owners of our quilting retreat bed and breakfast were kind enough to share.  White Oak, the bed and breakfast,  is in Lancaster County, PA, in the heart of Amish country;  these soups are made for guests by the proprietors' Amish neighbor, Annie. 

The soup I made today is Turkey Barley, a rich tomato based soup that uses ground turkey and lots of veggies.  As with any good soup, it's nice the first day, but ever so much better the second.  One of the great things about this soup is that you can have it ready to serve in just over an hour. 

I had a ball of bread dough left in the fridge, along with the caramelized onions I made earlier in the week, so I added some shredded cheese and made a cheese and onion stromboli-like concoction.  It was the perfect to a big bowl of soup on a snowy night. 

I never make just a single batch of soup; today I quadrupled the recipe. I'll take a big container to daughter Kate and her family tomorrow, pack some up in lunch-sized containers to take to work, make another container for hubby to eat for dinner through the week, and freeze the rest. I do the same thing when I make chili or pasta sauce. To me, having those containers of in the freezer is like having money in the bank.

Here is the recipe for Pat's version of White Oak Turkey Barley Soup. 


Denise in PA said...

I'm making soup today - must be that snow - you gotta make soup - LOL. I'm serving mine tonight with cheddar cheese jalapeno biscuits. Yum. Thanks for sharing the recipe - I'll be making the turkey soup too!

Diane H said...

Thanks for this, Pat. Have loads of frozen tomatoes from my garden to use and today is a perfect soup day.

Becky M said...

yum! I'm coming to your place next snow storm. :)