Posse Presents (and some Kaffe)

Friday, January 13, 2012 3 Comments »
I saw some pictures of very small pin cushions on Etsy, and decided they would make good gifts for my quilting friends, those wonderful ladies that form our local Quilting Posse.

Many of those friends meet once a month for an evening of hand stitching. These little pin cushions are designed to be worn like a brooch, and to provide a place for a needle and a few pins; they are about 2.25" - 2.5" across, with those buttons less than the size of a dime.  Each one has a pinback sewn on the bottom. 

If one is afraid of unwittingly stabbing "the girls" with that needle and/or pins, the pinback can be removed so that the pin cushion sits flat, just looking cute as the dickens.   Yep, I kept one for myself too. 

I am making progress on the Kaffe wedding quilt.  Here are 16 of the 32 square-in-a-square 9 patches that form the center of the quilt. 

They will be sashed with a solid yellowish lime green and random colored cornerstones.  I'll probably finish the rest the blocks this weekend, along with the sashing, then move on to the courthouse steps border.  What a joy to work with all of these lush, saturated colors!   It will be a wild quilt when it is done, and very much out of my usual comfort zone.  Hopefully my SIL's cousin and his bride will like it. 


regan said...

Like it? Oh my gosh....they will LOVE it! That quilt is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished!

And those pin cushion pins are adorable!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

The Kaffe blocks are marvelous. Just the thing for dreary January ...

Denise in PA said...

The pin brooches are so cute! I may need to get one - I often stick pins through my shirt - NOT the best of habits! The Kaffe quilt is fabulous! I've got fabric for two Kaffe quilts stashed away - someday I'll get to them!