Yowzer! Happiness Abounds!

Saturday, November 19, 2011 8 Comments »
First, let me introduce you to Owen Thomas Deck, the newset Deckette. 

He was expected somewhere around Decemeber 4th, but decided Wednesday, Novemeber 16th, was more to his liking.  Weighing in at a not-to-shabby 6 lbs, 6 oz, he measured a very looong 21".  Master Owen joins Mommy and Daddy Deck (Jamie and Andy), and siblings Annabelle (almost 6), Ian (not quite 5), and Maddie (19 months). 

And, on another very happy note, my niece Jessie Lynne Grasso became engaged to to Jordan Grater on Thursday. 

They are two absolutely wonderful people, as perfect a couple as they look in their picture.  No wedding date yet for JG2, but my sister is going to have a very very busy time ahead.  Step-son Jesse Michael is getting married in May, and son JJ's wedding is in October. 

So, what do you think I will be doing in the upcoming months??? 


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Hmmm... let me guess. Watching TV and painting your toenails? I can't imagine what you'll be busy doing!

Comgrats, all around. You are blessed!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Ooops. Should read: CoNgrats!

Glenda in Florida said...

Well, my guess is that you will be making quilts, but that is just a wild guess :-) Congratulations on all the happy events.

OT Quilter said...

Just give in to it....go buy a couple extra packs of sewing machine needles, get that laptop set up to watch a period drama or two, and crank up that machine! (Of course, all these happy events are also an excuse to buy some fabric, too!)
Congratulations to all!

Pat said...

New rotray blades purchased, much of the fabric already bought, patterns decided, period dramas and BBC mysteries lined up in my NetFlix queue. Bring on the snow, I'm ready to be snowed in!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Happiness abounds indeed! Congratulations to all! Or comgratuations, as the case may be.

Michele said...

What an exciting time for you and your family! Congratulations many times over :-)

Denise in PA said...

How exciting! Boy, are you going to be busy in the next months!!