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My sister, Sue,  is 9 years younger than I.  My kids are both married and raising families, but my darling sister is just starting out on the wedding journeys.  Her son, JJ became engaged to a wonderful girl named Jamie in September.  Aren't they cute?

Sue is hosting an engagement party in a few weeks so that Jamie's family, who are from New Jersey and New York, can meet our family here in Pennsylvania.  It should be lots of fun.   

I'm never sure what the gift protocol is for an engagement party.  There will be a shower closer to the wedding most certainly, and of course the wedding itself next October.  Their wedding quilt is already planned and the fabric purchased, but what to do for the engagement party?

I decided to make a couple of table runners.  My idea is that I will get them started on a collection of seasonal table runners to kick start their holiday decorating.  For the engagement party, I'll give them a this Fall runner,

and this one to grace their table at Christmas.  

I'll continue that theme for the wedding shower and make runners for other occassions, like  Valentine's day, St. Patrick's Day (Miss Jamie is Irish!!), Spring and Summer.  Someone else can bring the crockpot and blender. 


Denise in PA said...

What a great idea, Pat! Such a cute couple!

regan said...

Brilliant! What a great gift idea!

OT Quilter said...

What a wonderful idea! And I am continually amazed at how much sewing you do (and how many projects you complete!) and work full time to boot. Do you ever sleep? ;-)

Denise :) said...

If I were the recipient, I'd want you to do just what you're doing!! :)