Finding Homes

Monday, October 10, 2011 6 Comments »
I love when quilts finally find their homes.  Two little ones did just that on Saturday.  We went to visit my son and his wife in Sinking Spring, PA, taking along a couple of small quilts that began this summer. 

The first is a Schnibble pattern, and will go on the wall in my granddaughter Maddie's room.  Maddie is 19 months old, very much her own person, and loves bright colors.  I name all of my quilts, so this one is "Maddie's Picnic".  I'm sorry that part of the quilt is washed out in the bright sun, but this is where my official quilt holders wanted to stand.

That's Annabelle (she'll be 6 in February), and Ian (he'll be 5 in March),
showing off their baby little sister's quilt.

The second is a flag I made using Civil War repro fabrics.  The blocks are little tumblers cut with the Accuquilt Go! cutter.  I thought son Andy would put it in his office, but he decided it's going above the fireplace in his family room.  It's called "O'er the Land of the Free" in honor of the fact that Andy is pursuing the American dream by starting his own company.     

And here is Miss Madeline herself, kissing her daddy.  There is no quilt in the picture, but it was too darned cute not to post.   

The next project is a flannel baby quilt and a bunch of burpers for #4 -- a baby brother, due December 4th.  My daughter-in-law is a saint!


Blue Ridge Mountains said...

What a joy that family must be.

regan said...

And you're a really good MIL for saying that! And I'll bet she thinks you're terrific, too! Very sweet quilts....and the children are so beautiful!

Mrs.Pickles said...

Beautiful quilts and family :)

Denise in PA said...

Lovely quilts! I love the name Maddie's Picnic. Sounds like your quilts are appropriately appreciated. And, #4? Yes, your DIL is a saint!

OT Quilter said...

Beautiful kiddos and beautiful quilts!

Rosa said...

Beautiful quilt and adorable kiddos.