Life's a Beach

Sunday, June 26, 2011 2 Comments »
My sister has a lovely vacation home on Ocean Isle Beach, NC. She rents it out during the summer, but makes it available to family members in the off-season. She gifted a week to my daughter and son-in-law in early June; they, in turn, asked if hubby and I would like to join them.

I’m not a beach person, I have issues with my skin and the sun, so frying on the sand isn’t a good thing for me. The opportunity to spend all day, every day with Kate, Paul and beautiful baby Alma, however, could not be missed, so off to NC we went. I took “Baby” (my featherweight), and a bunch of project packs to keep me busy while everyone else went to the beach. It turns out that Alma just loves to chill in her swing while her GG (Gorgeous Grandmom) sews. We had a lot of meaningful conversations, we sang “Sew, sew sew your quilt, merrily at the beach” for hours on end, and Alma kept GG from muttering those bad words when it was time to unsew. Again.  Am I smitten? You bet!

A pea in her pod

I was amazed by how wonderful it is to be totally wrapped up in a little person. Not quite 4 month old Alma is at a very interactive stage: she pulls you to her with her eyes; she has “conversations”; she's discovered her feet; she reaches for things and grabs them; she watches everything.  She especially loved the water and the beach. 

Wish they had these Bumbos
when my kids were little!

One of her favorite activities was to sit in her Bumbo on the kitchen counter or on the dining room table so that she was smack in the middle of all the household action. I was also blown away by what wonderful parents Kate and Paul are. It is obvious that they are equal partners in raising this beautiful child. Spending the week with them was such a lovely gift -- we are all so blessed!


Kimberly said...

What a blessing to spend a week enjoying your family and that precious baby girl! I'm glad you're back -- you've been missed -- but sometimes you just need to hang loose and do nothing. You summed it up well; the summer doldrums. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos; Alma is so beautiful and such a charmer!

Denise in PA said...

What a sweetie Alma is - you must have had the best time! I love bringing my machine and sewing on vacation!

It was so nice to meet at the guild meeting last week - looking forward to see you at the next one!