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Saturday, September 11, 2010 2 Comments »
I know, it sounds like one of those compositions you wrote on the 1st day back to school in September.

I made 2 baby quilts this summer.  One was for the Jenn, the daughter-in-law of dear friends.  When my husband and I were dating (back before there was fire, paper and cell phones), Jenn's husband Chris was the very first baby any of our friends had.  After seeing what our friends Jan and Denny went through with Chris, it's a wonder we ever had kids ourselves.  Chris turned out to be an exemplary young man, and married an even more exemplary young woman, Jenn.

Jenn and Chris are expecting their very own little bundle of joy in a week.  Baby Duerr's gender will be a surprise, and Jenn wanted bright bright primary colors for her quilt.  "Duerrpalooza" is made from Moda's Animal Alphabet, plus some additions from my stash.  The pattern is another from my friend Kimberly's book, Jelly Roll Quilts and More.

I used a new long-arm quilter, who made some great suggestions for the over-all pattern and the thread.  It was her idea to use the variagated thread in primary colors to compliment the colors in the quilt.  It was a great idea!

Here are some pictures of the back and the label. 

The other baby quilt was for one of my daughter's friends, Liz.  She is expecting a little girl, so I used many of the same fabrics I used for Amazing Grace.  (Side note:  Amazing Grace was made for Chris's sister Kate last year)  Liz's last name is Rookstool, so I called the quilt "Rookie Star".

One again, the quilter made a great pattern suggestion that picked up on the movement in some of the fabrics. 

Today is Month 8 of my Civil War Tribute BOM class.  I have to tell you, this quilt is not easy, and the Homestead Hearth directions leave a lot to be desired.  HST's measured to the 16th of an inch????   I'm told that their next Civil War quilt has much better directions, but I probably won't be checking them out after this experience. 

I'll also be visiting the LQS where I bought my Bernina so that I can seek advice on the cow hide situation. 


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

There most certainly is a population explosion afoot, and the quilts being created to celebrate life's precious blessings are amazingly beautiful... these two are proof! Well done!!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Wonderful happy baby quilts. Nice labels, too. One of these days...

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