Really Big Flimsy

Sunday, June 06, 2010 6 Comments »
That went fast!  The daughter of our best man is getting married in August, and I wanted to make a quilt.  Nothing elaborate, but something that went with her brown/aqua/light blue/green color scheme.  I found just the thing in my friend Kimberly Einmo's book Jelly Roll Quilts and More.  The pattern is called Braided Links.  The original size was 63" x 73", and uses one jelly roll, plus yardage for sashing/backing.  The happy couple have a queen sized bed, so I added a few rows of blocks to each dimension,  & used 2 jellies.  After looking at these pictures, I wasn't fond of the proportions of the outside border, so I  lopped off 3.5" on each side to make the unquilted flimsy 90" x 100".   It looks a lot better.

The fabric is Cherish Nature (Deb Strain for Moda).  Using the jelly roll strips made it go together very quickly.  The only change I would make would be to leave out the fabric strips with the eggs -- not my fave.  All I need to do now is piece the back & send her off to the long-armer. 

Here's my dilema, and maybe you can help me decide what to do.  I will have the quilt back in time for her shower.  You all know the cost of fabric, so it's obvious I have a bit of money tied up in this gift.  Do I take the quilt to the shower as a combined wedding/shower gift, or do I spend even more & buy something separate for the shower?  I don't want my gift to be out-of-place large, but I don't want to spend another $40-50 on a shower gift if I can help it -- I certainly can't go empty-handed.  And yes, we are already bringing the usual little "wishing well" items.  Help!


Jewel said...

Pat... first of all from a distance you can't tell the fabric has eggs but the design of it adds something to the whole looke of the quilt. I actually was thinking ohow clever to use dots just that way to make it have an extra zing... so no worries on that part. I don't have any advice about the gift. I just think she is darn lucky to get such a wonderful gift.

hjansonius said...

You could always make a pair of pillow cases to match for the shower gift. It will all tie together when she receives the quilt. Such a beautiful gift. You are very talented.

Pat said...

That's a good idea, Marge, and thanks!. Unfortunately, I don't have enough fabric in pieces big enough to do pillowcases, and I am NOT going to buy any more. Do you know how you start out on a project just absolutely loving your fabric to death, but after you've sewn miles and miles of seams, it becomes kind of a love/hate thing? I'm not at "hate" yet, but I'm edging towards "dislike" pretty fast. Not so much to look at, but certainly to sew and press.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I think the quilt is great and I think the pillowcase idea is brilliant. Have you enough scraps to piece just the BAND on the pillowcase? Or even to buy a pair of plain white cases and applique something on the band out of your scraps? You would be able to get a pair at BB&B for a reasonable price.

And don't get me started on this wishing well nonsense. Infuriating. I never take anything for that.

Wordy: bambutle -- HA! How timely! bambutle -- making someone bring something ELSE to a shower!

Pat said...

Brilliant! Piullowcases it is!

Oh, and instead of little kitcheny thingers for the wishing well, we are supposed to bring a pair of "fun panties". New, one would hope, and I hope for the bride.

Chakatoria said...

This is great! The happy couple will enjoy this for years to come!