I Love Staples

Saturday, June 12, 2010 2 Comments »
Or Office Max.  Or any other big office supply store. 

Got the large binder clips to hold my run-away fabric strips (and decorate my wall in the process).  They work pretty well on sets of charm squares too.

Got the old steno pad stand thingy to hold my pattern/instructions next to the sewing machine while I sew.  The instructions stand up nice and straight & don't get lost under random fabric pieces.  Sorry about the glare, but I've also got sheet protectors to keep my pattern pages spiffy, clean & neat.  Those sheet protectors allow me to keep the pages in a binder without having to punch holes in the them (which I always mess up & punch cock-eyed anyway)

Got the notebooks to keep those pattern pages in.  This one happens to be full of basket block patterns I've downloaded from other bloggers (thank you Piecemeal!)  

And the very best of all, I've got two of my favorite books spiral bound!  My friend Kimberley suggested it on her blog when one of her students showed up with her book spiral bound.  Makes the books so much more user friendly!  They did it at my local Staples for about $3/book.  Took all of 10 minutes.

And here's something that has nothing to do with an office supply store, unless you're dying of thirst from all that shopping.  It's a recipe for a Nojito.  Yep, you read it right, a Nojito.  I love mojito's, but I can only handle so much alcohol.  When I'm thirsty, I just want to chug multiple glasses of cold refreshement, so this is a great alternative.   Heaven help us if I belted down 3 or 4 REAL Mojito's!!

You can find Gina's recipe (and a whole lot more) here.  Enjoy!! 


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Consarnit! I KNEW I forgot something! I was going to buy some sweetener today so I could make nojitos tomorrow. Looks like a stop at the store on the way home from church is in order.

Angie said...

So clever! Almost as fun as a fabric store. Great ideas...thanks for sharing!
Angie -