BIG Pillows

Sunday, September 02, 2012 7 Comments »
My daughter Kate asked me to make BIG pillows for the reading corner in Alma's room last Christmas.  Her nursery was done mostly in fabrics from Kate Spain's Fandango line.  I got 24" pillow forms, then made covers using leftovers from her quilt and bedding; the backs of the pillows were made with fleecy fabric.
Alma is expecting a little sister in a few weeks.  So far, Kate and Paul have not divulged a name, however I've been calling her Petunia because I have to call her something.   Anyway, Petunia will take over Alma's nursery (and those wonderful pillows), while Alma moves into a nice, new room.  A nice new "puh-pull" room.  Actually the walls are light lavender, and the rug that is the focal point has eye-popping shades of purple, magenta, orange, green and teal. 
Time for some new giant pillows!   Back when Kate Spain's Terrain line came out, I bought several pre-cuts and some yardage in anticipation of Alma's moving into a big girl room.  The colors are absolutely perfect!  Here are the wonky-pieced tops for the pillows:
These are really big at 24" x 24" each.  They are pieced on a batting foundation.  I'm debating whether or not to do some loopy quilting on top just to keep some of those wider strips from shifting.  I have some nice, soft lavender fleece for the backs & will set them off with either purple or magenta piping. 
And yes, I've got enough to make Miss Alma a big girl quilt.   Kate's already picked Julie Herman (a.k.a. Jaybird)'s Off the Rail Pattern.  This will be one happy happy room!


Michelle K. said...

Love them!

Suzan said...

Very nice. I love "wonky".

Denise in PA said...

Pat, they are so fun! And from what you described, the colors in that line ARE perfect! I'd love to see a photo of the room when it's done!!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...


howdidIgethere said...

"Terrain" is one of the few fabric lines that I had to have the whole line -- started with a jelly roll and a couple of charm packs, added some cuts. No project yet, but these pillow make me wanna pull it out and do get started!

Love, love, love these pillows!

Bobbi said...

These are GREAT! Isn't wonky fun.

Quilt Hollow said...

Such a bright and cheery line!