Willy Wonka

Monday, May 02, 2011 2 Comments »
Boy are these wonky stars fun to piece! 

They are from the Bonnie Hunter workshop that Nancy's church sponsored on Saturday, with proceeds going to a New Orleans mission trip planned for this summer.  You can read about the workshop on Nancy's Blog here and here, then catch Bonnie's take on it here.

After spending months on the Civil War albatross, it was so liberating to sit and pull bright, colorful scraps and create something crazily unstructured.  The workshop covered wonky stars, crumb blocks, string piecing and funky letters.  I was so entranced with the stars & crumbs that I never moved on to the strings and letters.  I think it was a very liberating experience for some quilters who are used to a very structured way of piecing.  

The crumb blocks are just random scraps from old projects; the stars are mostly Kaffe Fassett scraps backed with  squares cut from a fat eighth I found in my stash.  I liked the effect so much that I panicked when I realized I had no clue what that black fabric was.  How could I make more wonky stars????  TGFG  (thank God for Google).  I did a search for "black fabric with bright stars and squiggles" -- no lie, I really really did -- and found some on eBay.  It's gonna be one bright and happy wall hanging.  I might try the funky lettering to spell out "Wish upon a star". 

Buh-bye CW. 


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Your stars make me think of fireworks!

West Michigan Quilter said...

I love your wonky stars. Your quilt is going to be fantastic. I love the bright colors.