Looks like the snow dance worked!

Thursday, January 27, 2011 4 Comments »

BBQ anyone?

I did the snow dance last night.  I performed the snow incantation ritual, and even put my jammies on inside out.  No, I don't work in a school, but a lot of my friends do and I just wanted them to have the day off.  No need to thank me, guys -- just send wine.

I poked my head out the front door to see if should really try to make it in to work.  Geez, tough decision.  Compare this shot to yesterday's. Lots more white stuff on the bushes!

Just to give you an idea of scale, that bottom vehicle in the driveway is a Ford F150 truck.

I love this shot. It's looking through the birch tree on the side of the house. About 2 hours later, that hill was filled with every kid in the neighborhood and their sleds.

Poor Maggie Mae! She couldn't even find a place to do her business!

This is looking out our back door, towards the old golf course on the other side of the fence. 
And just in case I decide to do a little sewing.......
That's really an old treadle machine frame my hubby found at a flea market.  He put a piece of slate on top to turn it into a nice patio side table. 

Well it's time for me to do a little 9 patch snow therapy.  For more fun on a snow day, check out Nancy's blog.  Don't you love her buns?


Maria said...

Wow! Living here in subtropical Australia, your photos are amazing! So much snow, but the day off work sounds ok! lol

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

WOWZA!! I'm not taking the blame for this, I stopped embroidering promptly! Enjoy your abundance, that's a whole LOTTA snow~

Kimberly said...

OOOOOHHHHH! Believe it or not, I'm JEALOUS of all that wonderful white stuff! I miss it!!!! What glory to be stuck inside for a few days with nothing to do but guilt free sewing! Have fun, girlfriend!

Denise in PA said...

You're darn right it worked! LOL! I couldn't believe it when I when out my door on Thursday morning - as if Wednesday wasn't bad enough! My photos look just like yours did (I couldn't resist whipping out the camera). I'm done now, thank you.