My Latest Obsession

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 0 Comments »

A pox on Nancy!  She dragged me kicking a screaming (well maybe just whining slightly) into the world of Civil War repro fabric.  And you know how we stashaholics are --  just open that door a crack and we fling it WIDE open.  Anyway, I've found a few online sources that I thought I'd share.

First, Nauvoo Quilt Co.  Julie Stoud has a lovely Etsy shop, with a large number of repro fabrics.  I can't say enough about her service.  As you can see from her blog, she's quite knowledgeable and extremely talented.    Make sure you take a look at her costuming.  Exquisite hand-stitched detail, historically correct, down to the hand-made buttonholes.  Unbelievable.

Autumn Rose Quilting is another excellent source.  Very fast shipping and very fair prices on a wide selection of repro fabrics.  I had some random questions which were answered quickly and by expert Cynthia Sullivan.  Cynthia has a gajillion (is that a Civil War term?) precuts in addition to regular yardage.

And then there is The Old Country Store.  Those of us who make periodic trips to the Lancaster PA area are familiar with this marvelous store in the heart of Intercourse.  It's always a highlight of the trip because of their selection and prices.  Well now they sell online as well.  If you check them out, tell Rachel Lapp I sent you. 

Although Autumn Rose specializes in repro fabric, Nauvoo Quilt Co. and TOCS offer a wide range of other types of fabric.  TOCS has tons, and I mean tons, of batiks if you are batik freak like me.  Are you headed to the Lancaster area?   It's well worth the side trip to visit.