A-Stitchin' and A-Waitin'.......

Wednesday, March 03, 2010 3 Comments »
Just a-waitin' for Miss Maddy Rose. 

I've been stitching the binding and thinking about that brand new life about happen.  Every little stitch holds a wish for a life filled with happiness and wonderment; for love from her family and the joy I know she'll bring. 

I actually like to hand stitch the binding.  It's the time when I really connect with that quilt.  Somehow the concentration of doing all of those tiny stitches brings me into the fabric and into the quilt.  That's when I think the most about where that quilt's going, and who it's for.  Kind of like a meditiation or a prayer. 

Here's the finished flannel blanquilt  (quiltlet?).  It's nothing elaborate -- meant to be used hard, washed, used and washed some more.  I'm very fond of the fabric.  Also glad baby Madeline wasn't around to hear her GG speaking in tongues while doing the ruffle.  What a colossal PIA.

That's my DH, Rod-o, acting as the design wall.  I told him that if Nancy, near Philadelphia's hubby could do it, so could he.  Now he has another skill to put on his resume.  If your DH is interested, rumor has it that Nancy's Joe is scheduling seminars.

Shhhhh.   Please don't tell Jamie about the quilt.  She's not getting it until this weekend. 


peggy said...

That is the cutest baby quilt...Miss Maddy Rose is going to be one lucky little girl very soon.

Kimberly said...

Well you've sure been busy, lady! The quilt is just adorable. I'll bet you can't wait to meet your newest grandbaby!!!
Tell Rod he can be your CEO (Carries Everything Out). It seems to do the trick when it comes to enlisting my hubby for work. (smile...)
Hope things are going well your way. Thinking of you.

PattiCakes said...

Thanks Kimberly. So busy, in fact, that I'm really neglected the blog. Hope to catch up soon. Miss Maddy is giving her mamma fits. My DIL is a tiny girl, and this baby is taking up every spare cm of space, kicking constantly. DIL Jamie is trying everything short of moving the fridge to encourage baby Maddy to make an early appearance -- she really isn't due until 4/8.

I just love that animal print. I was able to find more of it in a more gender neutral colorway when I was in Lancaster a few weeks ago & bought it. Also found matching fleece!! Right now that's in a safe place, waiting for the time when my daughter and her hubby start their family.