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Friday, December 31, 2010 3 Comments »
Seriously, this is nuts.  I'm not sure how Nancy tumbled on to this one, other than the fact that she manages to tumble on to a lot of great things (she's amazing). 

Make sure you watch the whole thing so you won't get your knickers in a bunch about the bias edges. 

Click here for Blogging, Near Philadelphia.  Talk about an instant quilt!!


Jewel said...

I always have to laugh when I see people post about this. I have known about this for 15 yrs. I tried this once for a pinwheel border and trust me you don't want to do it. All of the borders afterwards were ruffley. I was really careful with the bias edges too.

Pat said...

Even old stuff can be news to somebody, especially someone who's only been quilting for 5 years or so. I hear you about those ruffly edges, but I think I will still try the method, maybe with smaller squares. My grandaughter needs a dolly quilt, and this might be a good excuse for this old dog to try an old trick.

Maria said...

I enjoyed the tutorial and I'm willing to give it a go! I still cringe when I think of my first attempt over 20 yrs ago with 1/2 triangles and the 'ruffly' edges but maybe it's time to have another go!