Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 2 Comments »
My daughter Kate is a 5th grade teacher.  She's got a great class, with some very creative students.  Last week was her birthday.  Today she wrote me an email that made me laugh out loud.  Hope it makes you laugh as well.
She writes:

Okay, so this is hilarious………

I am CONSTANTLY losing my dry erase markers in class. I walk up to the board to write, only to find that my markers are across the room or who the heck knows where. My kids are always chasing them down for me. One day, in frustration, I told them what I really needed was some sort of belt so I could Velcro the markers to my body so I wouldn’t lose them. They all got a good laugh at that….and at me.

Fast forward a few weeks. In walks one of my students this morning with a beaming smile a little gift bag in hand. With outstretched arms, he presents the bag to me as a “belated birthday present”. Wouldn’t you know it?   I open the bag to find that he had made me my belt (a fashionable one, at that) with Expo markers velcroed all around it!   He even had the forethought to leave a few blank Velcro spots for me to add miscellaneous items (this child obviously knows me too well)!

To say the least, this made my day!

Do you think we should publish the pattern on Moda Bakeshop??


Nancy said...

Now there is a teacher whose students really love her! She is clearly a great role model. I taught 5th grade for many years before becoming a school librarian, and I loved it. Fifth graders are so much fun.

jessica said...

How sweet!!! Every teacher needs a belt like that;)