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Sept. 15, 2009
My friend Kimberly Einmo has started a new Mystery Quilt on her website, and it's not too late to catch up on the clues. It's free! It's fun! This time Kimberley's featuring pre-cuts -- a jelly roll and a layer cake. I am especially excited about my fabrics, and cannot wait to see how the mystery plays out!!!!!

You can also check her out in the latest issue of Mark Lipinski's magazine, Quilter's Home. They asked a number of professional quilters about what they felt was their most important quilt. Kimberly's was one that she was asked to make in honor of Air Force General Greg Martin when he was presented with the prestigious Order of the Sword. Lovely article and great picture on the inside of the mag. That's Kimberly's name on the cover, cupcakes, right under the adorable gray pug. Sure hope that pup doesn't drool.


Kimberly Einmo said...

Wow! Thanks, Pat. I'm blushing (and smiling) at the same time! You are so sweet to say such nice things about me. I was completely honored and tickled that they called to interview me for that article. I still don't have a copy of QHM yet, but hope to get one in my hands this week! Thanks again!!!

PattiCakes said...

Hey, girfiend! I'm going to drop my copy in the mail to you. I think I may have gotten an advance one because I just purchased a subscription. I'm sure I can pick up another copy at the quilt show this weekend. Besides, my cat (Junior) is not very happy about looking at those 3 dogs on the cover.

Take a look at the article about featherweights as well -- you know how I LOVE my Baby! Mine is one of those centennial models they mention, and she sure is sah-weet. DH actually found another FW, minus the accessory kit, and in not quite as pristine condition as mine. It has the carrying case & it works. While I'm looking for the magazine at the show, I might try to see if anyone is interested in giving her a good home.

*karendianne. said...

Oh look I'm here. Love the new look on your blog. I did see this magazine in the shop recently. :)