Crossing My Geese

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June 29, 2009
My Bernina is at the sewing machine spa getting her annual spiffing up. Last week she sent me a message via her computer screen telling me that she had been used enough and needed some TLC. I've learned that it's really worth my while to get her tuned regularly, so now she's on vacation for a few weeks and "Baby" is substituting.

Baby is a fine little featherweigh. My DH surprised me with her for our anniversary last year. He dabbles in antiques and collectibles. When I started quilting, he began to take an interest in older machines. After some research and some prowling around flea markets and auctions, he happened upon this little gem. She's a 1951 centennial model, with all of her attachments and her original carrying case. He had her tuned, set her atop a little sewing stand he also found, put a big blue bow on her head and waited for me to come downstairs. Wow. To say that he knocked my socks off is an understatement! I am so blessed to have a husband who understands my quilting addiction!

When I went to the Lancaster Quilter's Heritage Celebration this Spring, I took her with me to most of the classes & couldn't have been more pleased. That was quite a leap of faith for someone so attached to a computerized Bernina! Kind of made me feel good, though, when I walked into John Flynn's class and saw him sewing on an old black Singer as well.

While I was at the show, I found a gentleman who made the table you see in the picture. He calls it a "retreat table"; it's light weight, with legs that fold up to make it portable. Now I can even bring my Baby down to the family room in the winter, set her up in front of the fire and sew away. For now, however, she's in my sewing room filling in for her big sister Bernie.

I decided it was time to pick up one of my UFOs, a project that I started at Lancaster. It's a pattern from one of Kimberly Einmo's classes, called Flying Geese Crossing. Her flying geese ruler (mentioned in an earlier post) makes those geese a breeze to cut and sew.

Once the quilt is finished, it will go on Annabelle's big-girl bed. She requested Pinks and purples, even helping her GG (gorgeous grandmom) pick out some of the fabrics.

Can you tell that pinks and purples are her favorite colors?

I hope that all of those cute pinks going one way, and purples going the other, will allow visions of sugar plums to dance in her head! Miss Annabellarina, as you can see, is quite a dancer herself!

I'll be sure to post pictures of the progress. I have a feeling that this will be my summer "thang".

Piece and love, Pat


Suzanne said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comment today! What an incredible gift your husband gave you -- so thoughtfully chosen! It was so fun to see your little ballerina too. She is adorable!

Pat said...

Thanks, Suzanne! I don't know if you noticed, but your web site, Just Another Hangup, is on my list of Decked Out Sites. Your bags are beautiful & I really love the fabric choices.

*karendianne. said...

What a pretty block that is. Love it!

PattiCakes said...

Hey Karendianne! Thanks. It really is a pretty block. Once you get them strung together, they produce a very nice effect. You should really try Kimberly's ruler for the flying Gees -- makes it soooo easy & so saving of fabric.

Hopefully I will be posting an updated picture of the quilt's progress. Right now it's too hot to work in my sewing room & my DH hasn't put the AC unit in yet. Going Blueberry picking with the little grands instead!